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The available HRDP1 documents on this web page present key information on the programme. The input of HRDP1 to the education sector of Papua New Guinea is an engagement of the development cooperation of the European Union.

"The Country Strategy Paper for Papua New Guinea (2008-2013) presents the strategic framework for EC co-operation with Papua New Guinea under the 10th EDF. Sustainable improvement of rural livelihoods, where the majority of the population lives, can only be achieved through increased level of economic activities in rural areas... EC assistance will also support human resource development, in particular basic and adult education and vocational training... EC interventions in Papua New Guinea will pay particular attention to cross-cutting issues, such as gender equality and responsible resources management as well as HIV/AIDS."

(From: http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/where/acp/country-cooperation/papua-new-guinea/papua-new-guinea_en.htm - 30 October 2013)







HRDP1 Inception Report
Inception Report The report describes the initial position of the programme and presents an substantial outlook on planned activities and results.


Competency Framework for Teacher Training College Lecturers
Competency Framework HRDP1 developed a Competency Framework on professional standards for Teacher Training Lecturers by means of national resources.


Training Needs Assessment
TNA A TNA conducted by HRDP1 revealed training needs of Teacher Training Lecturers to support the development of a countrywide in-service professional training programme in Teacher Training Colleges.


Financing Agreement
Fin Agreement The Government of Papua New Guinea and the European Union signed this document to enable funding of HRDP1.





This programme is funded by the European Union - Beneficiary is the Department of Education - Contracting Authority is the National Authorising Officer of the Government of Papua New Guinea - Financing Agreement No PG/FED/21643