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TVET in English TVET provides relevant practical skills, attitudes, knowledge and understanding relating to the skills need in various sectors of the formal and informal economic and social life of Papua New Guinea.

TVET in Tok Pisin TVET i save skulim ol sumatin bilong yumi long ol pasin bilong wok wantaim ol masin na ol narapela teknikol skul. TVET i save skulim ol long gutpela we bilong wok na save long ol kainkain wok istap long gavaman na ol kampani, na tu long kamapim wok long halivim ol yet na ol kominity bilong ol insait long Papua Niu Gini.

TEVT in Motu TVET ese imakarakara, lalohadai, aonega bona diba ia heni, Papua Niu Giunea ena tubudaekau bona noho mauri namonamo, moni gaukara bona hanua noho taudia iboudiai totna.

Story by a TVET Student
My name is Marykula Agelavu. I was born on July 11th 1986. I come from a mix parentage of Central and Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea. My dad is from Hula and Keapara in the Central Province and my mom is from Malalaua in the Gulf Province. I am the third out of five children. I am 23 years old and I reside at Hohola, a suburb in the city of Port Moresby with my mom and dad. My favourite food is Pariwa, a local Papua New Guinean recipe made out of ripe banana, mixed with sago and coconut cream. My favourite color is green. I love reading books, listening to music, playing sports, especially netball and rugby, and collecting jewellery. I spent my early childhood education in three different schools. In 1993, I did my grade one (1) at Hohola Demonstration School. In 1994 to 1999, I did my grade 2 to grade 7 at Ekivaki Primary School and in 2000 I was transfered to Wardstrip Demonstration School. That's where I completed my basic education and graduated with a Primary School Certificate. From 2001 to 2002, I did my grade 9 and 10 at Gerehu Secondary School and graduated with a High School more.