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Primary Education begins at Grade 3 and finishes in Grade 8. It caters for the 9 to 14 year age group. Lower primary education comprises Grades 3 to 5, upper primary Grades 6 to 8.

All children completing grade 6 can be accommodated in grade 7 by 2012. A 70% grade 1 to 6 retention rate achieved by 2014. The government's goal is that every six year old child enters the elementary Preparatory Grade by 2012 and completes three years of basic relevent education.

Sufficient primary school classes established to achieve access and retention targets to accommodate UBE.

Quality Curriculum and Monitoring
A relevant primary curriculum is developed, implemented and monitored Indicators. A curriculum completed and distributed to all schools by 2005. Curriculum materials reviewed, developed and distributed annually.

Strategies and Activities

1.Review and produce curriculum and support materials for all subjects at primary level on a regular basis.

- Develop student materials and resources
- Develop teacher materials and resources

2.Support the implementation of the HIV/AIDS policy. Develop and provide appropriate teacher and student materials.

3. Measure and monitor education standards at the primary level of education.

- Review the certificate of Basic Education Examination to ensure consistency with the reform curriculum
- Implement the Curriculum Standards Monitoring Test, develop and trial a qualitative means of monitoring and evaluating teaching and learning.