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Elementary Education is the first stage of formal education. It consists of an Elementary Preparatory Grade, Elementary Grade 1, Elementary Grade 2 in the language of the childs community. These three years of education prepare a child for entry into primary school at Grade3. In these three years of elementary education, children develop a basis of sound literacy and numeracy skills with family and community values including discipline, personal healthcare and respect for others. The government's goal is that every six year old child enters the elementary Preparatory Grade by 2012 and completes three years of basic relevent education.

Papua New Guinea has developed a unique and culturally relevant system of elementary education. Elementary education covers grades Elementary Prep to Grade 2 and is community based.

Instruction is provided in the local vernacular or Tok Ples. PNG has over 850 languages all of which are approved languages of instruction. Communities can gain approval to open an elementary school from the Provincial Education Board and can use their local language if the language has an orthography.

Find below are the list of orthography by Region and Province which the child learns while starting his/her formal education.

List of Orthography - By Region

Southern Region includes Central Province, Northern (Oro) Province, Milne Bay Province, Gulf Province and Western Province.

Momase Region includes Morobe Province, Madang Province, East Sepik Province and West Sepik (Sundaun) Province.

Highlands Region includes Eastern Highlands Province, Western Highlands Province, Simbu Province, Enga Province and Southern Highlands Province.

Islands Region includes East New Britain Province, West New Britain Province, New Ireland Province, Manus Province and The Autonomous Region of Bougainville.