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Reformed Education Structure The Structure of the Education System in Papua New Guinea is Illustrated by the diagram below.


Parental Responsibility

Parents are responsible for the education of their children.

The payment of school fees is a contribution by parents in sharing the cost of educating their children.

The set fee is an estimate of the average amount per student that a school needs to budget in order to stay open for the full school year.

The National Education Board sets maximum fee limits in order to guide provincial education authorities to set realistic fees.

The maximum fee limits take into account the need to keep costs to parents as low as possible, but at the same time provide schools and colleges with sufficient funds for their operational costs.

Parents must honor their obligations to contribute to their children's education by meeting their share of the costs, either in cash installments building materials or food for boarding school.

The decision as to how much should be paid in "cash" and what should constitute "in kind" will be left to the school boards to decide. Schools be resposible in collecting fees to meet the costs.

School Fee Information - School Fee information will come out later