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Kokada Track Foundation is a philanthropic organisation that has been working in Papua New Guinea since 2003 in the areas of education, health, and community development. We are a group of passionate individuals who have all experienced the powerful Kokoda Spirit in one form or another. We believe strongly in repaying the debt that is owed by Australia to the people of PNG because of the many selfless sacrifices made by the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels during the Kokoda Campaign in 1942.

Where do we get our funding?
We rely entirely on the generous support of our members and individual and corporate donors in Australia. We currently do not recieve any Government funding for our administration or program costs and we endeavour to keep our expenditure on administration and programs to a 20 : 80% ratio. We believe firmly in getting money to the people who need it most and we do everything we can to ensure that funding is not wasted on unnecessary administration cost.

Where does the money go?
We have a range of projects that fall into one of three main categories: education, health, and community development. We currently run a number of programs in PNG including:

Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel Scholarship Program - in 2010 we are supporting 152 primary, secondary, and tertiary students to get an education. The scholarship covers their tuition and boarding fees, school uniform, food, and school resources.
School Resource Program - in 2010 we are supporting 25 elementary primary and secondary schools that are located in the catchment area of the Kokoda Track. These schools have an account with Theodist Stationary Suppliers in Port Moresby which they draw from to purchase the resources that they require for the schooling year.
Bisset Medal - in 2010 we have started our Bisset Medal scholarship which has been awarded to Benjamin Wakip. Benjamin Wakip is studing a Bachelor of Computer Science of Lae and will be supported by the Foundation to undertake mentoring, community development, work experience, and student exchange.
Community Health Worker Scholarships - in 2010 we are supportying 4 students from villages along the Kokoda Track yo train as Community Health Workers at St Gerard's School of Nursing. The Students are from Naduri, Enivilogo, and Efogi and will be supported at the end of their studies to return to their home village and work int he aid post or health center.
Medical Supplies Program - in 2010 we are providing medical aid kits to selected villages along the Kokoda Track that are currently in need of these resources. Our priority villages are Naduri, Enivilogo, Naoro 1, and Waju. We are also continuing to support the Kokoka Memorial Hospital with medical resources and the hospital is given an allocation of funding with Johnston's Pharmacies in Port Moresby which tey can draw from each year.
First Aid Training - in 2010 we are also supporting communities to recieved frist aid training. The priority communities will be those that currently do not have permanent Community Health Workers and where we are posting our CHW graduates in 2010.
Northern Province Food Restoration Program - in 2010 we are continuing to support the Northern Province Food Restoration Program, helping communities to restart their food gardens that were destroyed by Cyclone Guba in 2007. We will continue to support the three mother seed nurseries at Ilimo, Martyrs, and and Dobodura as well as the 30 satellite nurseries that have been established throught the Province. This year will also focus on establishing satellite nurseries in communities that are only accessible by water.
Krappers for Kokoda - in 2010 we are continuing our Krappers for Kokoda project. We currently have 3 toilets that we are pilotingin villages and schools along the Kokoda Track and pending the results of the composting toilet pilot, we will continue to install toilets in campsites and schools along the Kokoda Track. Priority will be given to locations that are next to waterways.
Microbusiness - in 2010 we will continue to work with villages along the Kokoda Track and explore opportunities for them to establish microbusinesses that will enable them to earn an income from the trekking industry. We are currently running cooking classes and small business workshops with women's groups in villages along the Track and will continue to support them with pilot prohects in 2010.

Contact Us
For more information about the Kokoda Track Foundation and its work in PNG please contact:

The Kokoda Track Foundation LTD

Executive Director: Dr Genevieve Nelson
Chairman: Patrick Lindsay

Address: Level 10, 19-13 Pitt Street Sydney NSW Australia 2000
Post: PO Box 1674 North Sydney NSW Australia 2059
Phone: +61 2 9252 2992
Mobile: +61 412 869 210