Hello and Welcome to Abisan Primary School, Karkar Island, Madang Province, Papua New Guinea. We are grateful for your visit to our school website.


Communication with the ‘outside world’ is a difficulty our school always faced - since we are located at a remote area. It is quite certain that many people do not know that this school even exists. For this reason, our very own website was created. Our exposure, through this website, will let the distant and the ever changing world around us know of our existence.


Now that you are at our gate, we wish for you to enter, explore, and learn a bit about our school and the fascinating environment that we live in. We welcome you once more and hope that you will enjoy your visit to our school. Please send us your comments and suggestions about out website.


We would also appreciate very much any assistance that you would like to give to our school.


Mrs. Dubila Ibak

Head Teacher.



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