Contact Info

Madang Technical College
P O Box 186,
Madang 511,
Papua New Guinea.

Phone: 852 2877/ 852 2585 Facsimile: 852 2847

Email: mateco@datec.net.pg



Vision Statement

Madang Technical College shall provide demand driven broad based technical education and training that meets the national standards and needs of the community, government, commerce and mining industry.

Mission Statement

Madang Technical College is to provide, facilitate and promote quality skills training and to produce skilled workforce through the delivery of relevant and nationally recognized TVET programs in an inclusive learning and training environment necessary to realize the National Government National Strategic Plan 2010 to 2050

Key Objectives

To confirm to our vision and mission statement, we will:

  1. Strengthen the organizational structure of the college to meet the demands of our development.
  2. Improve current curricular, introduce new curricular and, competency based training and testing to meet the needs of individuals, community, commerce and mining industry.
  3. Improve inter-agency, government, NGO's and other stakeholders linkages for resource sharing and mutual assistance.
  4. Promote and strengthen staff and students welfare and development.
  5. Appoint and/or develop commited, dedicated, qfualified and competent professional staff to conduct our courses.
  6. Improve infrastructure, facilities, equipment and other support for staff, students and the community.