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Madang Technical College
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Madang Technical College was initially established as a junior technical school in 1957. The Technical School at the time was enrolling students from grade 6 to do form 1 to 2 and basic technical school studies. Then in 1972 the status changed to technical college and enrolling form 3 and 4 for the purpose of training and skilling young Papua New Guineans as secretaries, welders, motor mechanics, brick layers, plumbers, carpenters and boat builders. Over the years, the college has trained skilled manpower for the nation and continuing to this day. When the rationalization program took effect in 1996, Madang Technical College became a Building and Allied Trade College. Specifically, conducting courses in carpentry, block laying, cabinet making, painting & decorating, and sheet metal. Plumbing and Block Laying courses were transferred from other colleges. Also Mechanical, Welding, and Secretarial courses were turn transferred out to other colleges. However, boat building course was lost completely in the process of rationalization.

The rationalization program also caused a massive drop in students' enrolment in the various trade courses. Consequently, this caused the Department of Education and the Teaching Service Commission to advise the Administration of the college that failure to increase student numbers by following year would result in the closure of the college.

The pressure of the United Nation caused the PNG Government to adopt the policy of Universal Primary Education the adverse effect of this was that Technical Education and Training were neglected. As a result, maintenance of equipment, infrustructure, human resource development, curriculum development and resource materials had suffered tremendously over the years. The level of financial support to the Administration of the College was also affected.

The college now has improved on its enrollment, upgrading of various raining facilities, renovation and repair of existing physical resources as a result of sound planning and management by the College Administration and the Governing Council. Ninety per cent (90%) of the college income is through course fees and ten per cent (10%) from various sources such as sale of products, grants from TVET and OHE.

The five-year management plan relies heavily on outside funding to achieve the physical and academic growth necessary to deliver the higher level of skills transfer that will satisfy the needs of the country's industries and resources sectors.

To sustain the growth shown in the management plan is very much dependent on self generated income and course fees. The planned academic level of our teaching staff will supply the required manpower necessary to meet the requirements of the National Polytechnic institute by 2013. This plan has been designed to provide extra courses, higher level of attainment and the attraction of higher student numbers. The plan also emphasis the academic growth for both administration and academic staff to provide the nessary management.

Madang Technical College is one of the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College under the National Department of Education. The college is previously known as a specialized Building Trade College because of its courses like Carpentry, Cabinet Making and, Plumbing and Sheet Metal Trades.

In 2007 the college made a huge leap forward in its courses by introducing Non-Trade courses such as National Certificates in Office Administration, Tourism & Hospitality, Diploma in Business Studies specializing in Office Administration and Accounting.

Madang Technical College provides recognized Courses under Office of Higher Education which bridge opportunity for students to further their education to a Diploma or Degree in higher training institutions in the country or overseas. Higher training institutions in the country include Lae Technical College, Australian Pacific Training College, and PNG University of Technology, Divine Word University. Overseas training institution includes the TAFE colleges in Australia.


Madang Technical College is situated in the heart of Madang town. The shopping centers, hospital, post office, government departments’ offices, churches, beach fronts and sporting areas are all within walking distances. It is within the neighborhood of Divine Word University, PNG Maritime College, Kusbau Primary School and Tusbab Secondary School.
The college is protected with 24 hours security guards, and equipped with a stand-by generator which supplies electricity to the whole college.


The College is administered and managed by a Principal and assisted by a Deputy Principal. The Administration also includes the Registrar who looks after the college’s finance and students’ records, and, the College Governing Council committee which is made up of stake holders from various organizations in the province who oversee and governs the management of the college.

Teaching Staff

From the three departments and two sections are supported by 25 committed, well trained and experienced teaching staff. The Trade Instructors are all Certified Tradesman and Trainers whilst the Non-Trade Instructors on the other hand are Professionals who have Diploma and or Degree with 3-6 years of industrial experiences in their field of specialty.

Social and Spiritual Activities

Madang Technical College encourages its students to be fine examples of professional trained members of the community and as such has programs created for social & spiritual activity for students. The spiritual activity are conducted once weekly as part of its curricula activity. Sporting on the other hand is organized by volunteered teachers as part of extra curricula activity. The college has a soccer team called TIDUK which in the 1980s was a top and admirable team in Madang. The college participates in local town sports competition in soccer, volleyball, and basketball for both male and female teams.