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FODE in English Distance education is a means of delivering education to people who cannot attend an educational institution. Currently, it is offered primarily through the Flexible Open and Distance Education to students wishing to complete their Grades 8 to 10 education.

FODE in Tok Pisin Skul long haus em i wanpela we long bringim skul igo long usait man na meri ol i no pinisim gut skul bilong ol. Bikpela tingting i stap bihain long dispela skul, em, em i laikim ol man na meri long pinisim gut skul long gret seven (7) na gret ten (10).

FODE in Motu Distance Edukesen sikuli na kaikia edia sikuli saeore eiava se kwalimu taudia, na distance edukesen sikuli na bae vareai bena edia ura Grade 7 ela Grade 10 bae kwalimu urana.

Story by a FODE Student
Matella is from a little hamlet called Pompimeri in the Kundiawa/Gembogl District of Simbu Province. She started school in 1966 and went as far as Grade 6 before dropping out in 1972 because her marks were too low. Not one to give up, she left home in search of job and a better life for herself. There was no way she would spend the rest of her life being a village girl. Her six years of early childhood education had unraveled a whole new world of learning, a world held so much promised than the dreary village life that was in store for her in the village. Armed with her Grade Six Primary School Certificate, she set off-on a quest to conqure the world. Matella found employment as a cleaner at the Gopme Health Center in Upper Simbu, earning a wage of K14.00. K14.00 was alot of money while toying around with the idea of how to spend it, she chanced upon the opportunity to undergo Correspondence Studies through the College Of External Studies in Kundiawa. For the next two years, Matella paid her way through Grade seven and Eight with part of her K14 fortnightly wage, graduating in 1978 with a Grade 8 Certificate from the College of External Studies read more.