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Elementary Education in English It is the first stage of formal education. It consists of an Elementary Preparatory Grade, Elementary Grade 1 and Elementary Grade 2 in the language of the childs community. These three years of education prepare a child for entry into primary school at Grade 3.

Elementary Education in Tok Pisin Elementeri em i namba wan rot bilong statim skul long Papua Niu Gini edukesen sistem. Elementeri i stat long gret prep, igo antap long gret wan (1), na igo inap long gret tu (2). Ol i skul long tokpeles bilong ol yet. Dispela tripela krismas bilong skul i redim pikinini long go insait long praimeri skul long mekim gret tri (3).

Elementary Education in Motu Inai be sikuli ena dala gini gunana. Elementari ena sikuli lalonai ia noho be preparatori grade, elementari one bona elementari 2 bona ina be ta ta ena gado dekenai ai sikuli karaia. Inai lagani toi lalonai be maragina ena hegaegae primari sikuli dekenai grade tri abia totona.

Story by an Elemantary Student
Hello! My name is Jeshreel Melua and I come from West New Britain and Manus Province of Papua New Guinea. I reside at ATS a few kilometers outside Port Moresby. I attend Murray Barracks Elementary School and I am in Elementary Grade Two. I like Maths & Community Living. I am not good in English but I am trying my best. We are five in the family. I have one sister, one brother and my parents.

Jeshreel Melua
Elementary Grade 2
Murray Barracks Elementary School